We offer these services to companies and persons based in Romania:

- Connecting you with potential new employees coming from countries in Asia and Eastern Europe

- Complete advice and assistance for the immigration into Romania of the selected workers

- Assistance in obtaining, for the employees you selected, of all the needed documents for legally working in Romania: the work permit, the residence visa, the residence permit

- Assisting the work migrants for the easiest possible integration in the Romanian society and culture

- Advice and assistance in finding accommodation for the workers – one that is suitable in terms of price, conditions and location

- Advice and assistance in the relation with the General Inspectorate for Immigration and the Embassies/Consulates in Romania for obtaining residence visas, visas for the reunification of family, residence permits etc.

We have the needed experience, know-how and earnestness to recruit for you the best and most loyal employees or to help you in your immigration-related issues!

These are the countries where we can find employees from you from:

Nepal Vietnam Sri Lanka India Russia Ukraine Republic of Moldova

We can find employees for these fields:

Cleaning (offices, private homes, hotels etc.)
Construction – both qualified, specialized personnel and unqualified workers
Restaurants and fast foods - employees for the kitchen, for preparing and serving etc.
Hotel personnel
Beauty saloons and spas
Massage parlors
Taking care of the elderly


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About us

We serve the employer in Romania. Through this we assist in Romania's growth, but also in growing the life standard in countries with (much) larger problems than ours.

We're a family company, trying to solve the Romanian employer's no.1 problem – finding and keeping employees that are well trained, hard working and (maybe most important) with a correct attitude.

We have a 3-year experience in mediation between offer and demand on the international work force market.

We are young, honest, serious and we won’t stop from working hard until you, our client, won’t declare yourself completely satisfied with our service.

We are young, honest, serious and we won’t stop from working hard until you, our client, won’t declare yourself completely satisfied with our service.

Our mission is serving the Employer.

Our vision is helping people change their life for the better by studying and working abroad.

Yulya Yadrevska-Tabacu


I thought English to kids in China. I traveled around the world. I helped over 350 people change their life and expand their horizon, by finding them jobs in teaching English in China.

Tudor Tabacu


I worked for the largest advertising agencies in the world. I sold Romanian-made windows and doors in Sweden. I traveled around the world and found out that everywhere you go, people are warm and kind.

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