Answer: A. Because Romanians are increasingly harder to find.
B. Because, unfortunately, an employee from Belarus, Ukraine, Nepal or the Philippines will work harder and with a better attitude in most cases, than a Romanian hired for the same job. The reason is partly the income difference (in Romania he/she can earn more), but also the psychological effect of being far from home.
C. Because, in most situations, we can offer you more profiles from which you may choose, than through advertising to Romanians only.

Answer: The interval may vary a lot according with the job. Nonetheless, in most cases, in 7-10 days we’d be able to present to you between 1 and 10 profiles qualified for that job.

Answer: Yes, but for the time being we’re only offering this service in Bucharest and Ilfov.

Answer: Preparing the file for the General Inspectorate for Immigration shouldn’t last more than 3-4 weeks. Once applied with the correct set of documents, the term for solutioning is 30 days (can be extended to 45 in special cases). All in all, the work permit is to be obtained in apx. 2 months.

Answer: The work visa is issued by the Romanian embassy in apx. 10 days from the moment the future employee applied.

Answer: Yes. Once he/she got here the term for applying for the residence permit with purpose of work is 2 months.

Answer: It is not compulsory that you pay for their accommodation (rent) and utilities. But you will need to find and contract a living space for him/her (if you don’t own it already). In Bucharest and Ilfov we can offer this extra servic. In your decision whether to include or not accommodation and utilities in the hiring package, please consider that the reason these people basically change their life is the difference between the net salary and these costs. This sum is more relevant for them than the mere net salary.

Answer: No, it’s not compulsory that you pay for his/her plane tickets. This is, along with accommodation, eventual meals or other benefits, another negotiation point between you and him/her.

Answer: The steps of a collaboration with Up2u for finding foreign workers:

  • - We set a face-to-face or online meeting in which we know each other and you help us understand in detail what are your personnel-related needs
  • - Together, we select your future employees, based on the CV's and the presentation videos
  • - If you wish so, UP2U can even plan a trip in the employees’ native country, in order to personally interview and select them
  • - We sign a services contract
  • - You prepare the job description (the “fișa postului” document) and also put at our disposal the rest of documentation needed for us to obtain the Work Permit
  • - UP2U sends the Work Permit in the employees’ country – here, he/she will be able to obtain a working long-stay visa
  • - The arrival of the employee(s) and the medical test (in relation to the specific job)
  • - Obtaining of the Romanian residence permit by UP2U
  • - A social and cultural integration course (held by UP2U) for the new employees, to make their adaptation as easy as possible
  • - (after one year) the renewal of the residence permit

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