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Recruitment form

Both you and we know all to well that finding serious, hard working employees in Romania gets harder each day.

There's almost no entrepreneur who wouldn't mention this as being the biggest problem in his/her activity.

The promise UP2U makes: we'll find you good, serious people, who are motivated to earn their wage by honest work!

People you'll be happy with.

But in order to help you, you please help us first with few information.

Easier, faster and clearer than a phone conversation, in this short form you can tell us what exact type of work force from outside the European Union you're looking for and what are the benefits you're offering.

We'll get back to you ASAP!


1. How many employees you'd want us to recruit for your business?


2. What's the name of the vacancy (~ies)?

If you have more than one vacancy, please specify how many employees you need for each.


3. Does this vacancy (~ies) absolutely require experience in the field?
Would you accept employees who lack experience in this job (~s)?

Please detail briefly.


4. Only if you consider it necessary (in the case of a more complex / atypical type of work or special requirements), briefly describe the vacancy (~ies) you wish us to find people for.

Example: must have cat. B driver's license, a special combination of different tasks etc.


5. What's the work schedule?

(How many hours per day? How many days per week?)


6. What is the net (“in hand”) salary that the employee will get?

If there are more than one employee, please detail for each.


The accommodation cost is very important for the immigrant workers.
They need to know from UP2U what leftover money they would have after paying rent and utilities, if you don't offer these extra-salary advantages. It's our duty to help them understand exactly what to expect.

7. Do you offer accommodation? Will you pay for the basic utilities (water, heating, electricity)?


(Only if you offer accommodation)

8. How many people will share the same room?

(the total no. of people living in one room)


(Only if you offer accommodation)

9. How many people will share the same toilet and kitchen?

(the total no. of people using the same toilet and kitchen)


We'll search for, preselect and pre-interview the people you said you need.

We'll show you the most qualified profiles we can find, and you'll be able to interview the one(s) you choose by online video call.

Once the right employee is found, with the help of our skilled lawyers, we'll also be able to help you in obtaining the work permit issued by the General Inspectorate for Immigration (IGI) – without which no person from outside the EU is able to legally work in Romania.

Some employers, though, prefer to take care of this process themselves.

10. Will you also require this UP2U service, of getting the work permit?


11. Please add any other details you consider relevant, which haven't been covered by the previous questions.


12. Please leave us your contact details so we can follow-up on your request.


Thank you for taking the time to give us this important information!

We know your time is valuable.

We'll treat your request earnestly and we'll get back to you ASAP!

Echipa UP2U